member services

Member Services

BIOMIG offers the infrastructure and provides suitable services in order to support members in achieving their research goals. Below you will find the supported services as well as relevant instructions.

  • Email

      BIOMIG offers a dedicated mail server, under the hostname "", for providing email services to its members. Below you will find instructions for setting up an email account with for two popular mail clients (Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook).

    • Instructions for setting up Email using Mozilla Thunderbird

        On the main window click "Tools" and then "Account Settings".

        On the "Account Settings" window navigate to the bottom, click on "Account Actions" dropdown list and select "Add Mail Account".

        Add your name, username and password and click "Continue".

        At this point Mozilla Thunderbird will try to locate BIOMIG's mail server. In case it fails, click on button "Advanced Config" and enter the following settings. Username for incomig and outgoing mail are those provided by BIOMIG. SMTP server must be due to restrictions with NTUA's relay server.

        Click "Confirm Security Exception" for accepting BIOMIG's digital certificate.

    • Instructions for setting up Email using Microsoft Outlook

        On the main window navigate to taskbar, click "File" and then click to "Info" tab. Click on button "Add Account".

        On the the next window select "Manual setup or additional server types" and click "Next".

        Choose "POP or IMAP" and click "Next".

        On the "Add Account" fill in your personal details and click on "More Settings" button. SMTP server must be due to restrictions with NTUA's relay server.

        Navigate to "Outgoing Server" tab and click on option "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication". Then select "Log on using" and fill in the username and password provided by NTUA's Central Network Administration.

        Click on the "Advanced" tab and provide the following inputs. Then click "Ok" button.

        Click "Yes" for accepting BIOMIG's digital certificate.

  • File Tranfer Protocol

      The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a widely used network protocol for transfering data between remote computers. BIOMIG members can use FTP for transfering or sharing essential material for supporting their research. For usage information feel free to contact us at

  • Instant Messaging

      Instant messaging (IM) allows transmitting text over the Internet in real-time. BIOMIG utilizes the XMPP (also called Jabber) open source protocol for implementing this service. For setting up an account with BIOMIG's IM service please contact us at If you already have an account you may setup your client (Pidgin) through the instructions shown below.

    • Instructions for setting up IM

        Start Pidgin and click "Add" to add a new account.

        On the "Basic" tab select XMPP from the "Protocol" list.

        Add your username and password provided by BIOMIG and click "Add".

        Click "Accept" for accepting BIOMIG's digital certificate.

  • Version Control System

      Version Control System (VCS) is used in software development for providing tracking, code merging as well as rollback capabilities when writing software source code. BIOMIG maintains a dedicated VCS server based on Git. If you are interested in using Git please contact us at

  • Virtual Private Network

      Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides an extension of the BIOMIG's private network across a public network. BIOMIG members can benefit from this functionality in cases where access to scientific journals is necessary from their local networks, without subscription. For usage information feel free to contact us at

  • WebMail

      BIOMIG's mail server may also be accessed through a web interface based on Roundcube. This allows registered members to read, write and send emails through web browser from anywhere. You can access webmail here. Your browser may issue a warning regarding BIOMIG's digital certificates. This is normal as BIOMIG has self-signed certificates. Add an exception in order to continue using webmail.