Below you will find useful information and lecture notes concerning all classes (both undergraduate and graduate) tought by Prof. Matsopoulos. Lecture notes are provided in the PDF format.

  • Undergraduate

    • Biomedical Signal Analysis and Processing

    • Electric Circuits

      • Course Description

          Fundamental concepts of electromagnetism, electrical quantities, circuits, signals. Kirchhoff's laws, circuit elements, energy and power, linear components. Basic principles of circuit analysis, theorems (voltage and current division, superposition, resistors in series and parallel, balanced bridges, Kenelly, Millman, Thevenin, Norton, source transformations). Elementary transient phenomena for first-order circuits. Sinusoidal steady state (use of phasors, complex, real, and reactive power, theorems). Three-phase circuits (symmetrical loads, power measurement). Elements of machines and motors..

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  • Postgraduate

    • Basic Principles and Technologies in Bioinformatics

      • Course Description

          This course aims at presenting tools and technologies for biomedical analysis of data at a cellular and subcellular level (e.g. genomics and proteomics), as well as basic principles on building models and how to use computational simulation techniques for understanding physiological and biological systems. During this course the following aspects are presented: (a) the basic principles of molecular biology related to the characteristics of the cell, DNA, RNA and gene analysis, while analyzing the relationship between biology and computer science, (b) basic techniques and algorithms for sequence comparison and statistical data processing, (c) basic IT infrastructures that store biological data, including available on-line databases, in conjunction with the most important software tools used for the analysis (treatment, interrelationship, sharing and Bioinformatics archiving information etc.) and (d) multilevel modeling techniques of biological systems (e.g. function of biological neurons, glucose metabolic system - insulin).

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    • Radiotherapy